Life’s too short to listen to bad music.

IconWould you agree that listening to music can be a refuge from the stress of the day, the anthem to reaching that deadline, or the motivation to stay focused? Nothing is worse than listening to the wrong music for the mood you’re in. That’s where Songza comes into play. It’s a 100% FREE streaming music service that has expert-curated playlists for every occasion. You pick your playlist based on your mood or activity you’re doing. And, it’s available on both the web and a variety of mobile apps. So you can have Songza with you any time you need a pick-me-up, an escape, or just some background music. I like to think of it as my own soundtrack to get me through the day.

I selected the Songza app to write about because I really appreciate the design: it’s elegant, organized and simple. The design of the icons are fun and playful, the background color varies based on what time of day it is, and the copy is written with an informal, almost cheeky tone. Overall, Songza engages users and makes it easy to find good music, faster, no matter what device you happen to be using.

Some of my favorite playlists are:

  • If your idea of a great morning involves a nice cup of tea after a long, pampering shower,
    these contemporary soft pop tunes are just right for easing you into your day.
  • While you’re shopping for this weekend’s dinners, enjoy a selection of indie tracks
    as fresh as the produce you’re buying.
  • Sitting in beach traffic on Route 27 doesn’t have to be a buzzkill. These bright, easygoing
    tunes will keep you in vacation-mode even when you’re stuck in gridlock.




What's your mood?

What’s your mood?

What's your favorite genre?

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Which playlist?

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