Bonnie’s Pick of the Month: What to Wear Daily Weather Report

What to Wear Daily Report

What’s the first thing you look at on your iPhone in the morning? Ok, besides your email. Besides Facebook. It’s the weather! Why? Well, chances are you’re doing it to answer one, simple question: What should I wear today?

What to Wear is a simple email subscription that answers that very question, every morning by 6am.

Thoughts on the Design

From a design standpoint the newsletter is straightforward, clean, simple, easy to understand and above all else useful. That’s something that we can learn from Joshua Porter, the man behind the tool. As marketers, we must make sure our content is both engaging and useful. In this day and age of information overload it is all too easy for our finely crafted content to fall through the cracks. The way that Josh uses a simple hierarchy helps to break the content up into easily digestible bits of information. The illustrated icons integrated with quick, straightforward captions increase scan-ability so it’s easy enough to understand before you have your first ‘cuppa joe’. 😉 Currently it’s only available to folks in the Boston area, but they’re working on expanding it to other locations once it’s automated.

The Daily Report Answers Questions Like:

  • Will I need my umbrella today?
  • What will I need to wear if I go out after work?
  • Should I grab my sunglasses?
  • Should I wear a medium or heavy weight jacket?
  • When is the best time to exercise today?
  • Should I bike to work or take my car?
  • What are the roads like today?

Go ahead, click here and enter your email address to start getting daily updates on what to wear.


Here’s an Example of What the Daily Report Looks Like