Mike’s Technical Tip: Color Swatches in InDesign

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Mike’s Technical Tip: Color Swatches in InDesign

When it comes to the colors you can add to the Swatches panel in InDesign, the variety is fairly impressive. But it’s important you choose the right color type for the project you’re working on. Luckily, InDesign’s Swatches panel has all the info you need – you just have to know what you’re looking at.

Take this simple Swatches panel, for instance. I’ve added these three colors for this tip:

Swatches 2

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How Often Should You Update Your Firm’s Website?



At Clockwork, we get asked the question “How often should we update our firm’s website?” by clients and prospects all the time. I have read several articles that say “studies show websites should be updated every three years.” But these studies never seem to define the kinds of websites that were analyzed or the types of “updates” that were made.

As the owner of a firm that designs and builds websites regularly, it is obviously in my best interest to encourage clients to change their site often. However, I take a much more pragmatic approach to answering this question. Rather than give a set number of years or months as the “correct” answer, I ask each client a series of Website Update Questions as we walk through their existing site together. Based on the answers, I can determine what changes, if any, need to be made.

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Design Principle No. 4: How To Repeat Yourself (In A Good Way)

This is the fourth post in a series focusing on the basic building blocks of design. With each new post we’ll feature a different principle that will help you understand how designers do what they do. If you’re ever tasked with creating something yourself, these principles can help you make good design decisions too!

Design Principle No. 4: Repetition

Why is it a good idea to repeat yourself when designing?

Put simply, repetition means the reusing of the same or similar elements throughout your design. Doing so brings a clear sense of unity, consistency, and cohesiveness to your website or printed brochure. As humans, we intuitively look for and expect patterns. As designers, we use repetition to help our viewers find what they are looking for more quickly and easily. In web design, repetition helps users understand how interactive elements work. Repeating consistent elements within a website gives the visitor a road map, and a way to navigate confidently around your site. Visitors who are comfortable with the design elements will most likely stick around and visit more pages of your site.

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