Anderson & Kreiger Wins an LMA New England Your Honor Award!

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Anderson & Kreiger Wins an LMA New England Your Honor Award!


Danielle, Vanessa, and Bonnie from Clockwork with Eugenia Huh from Anderson & Kreiger

On Wednesday evening we attended the Oscars of Legal Marketing: the LMA New England Your Honor Awards. Clockwork worked with Anderson & Kreiger to design and develop their award-winning new firm website!

The Anderson & Kreiger website is modern, fully responsive for phone and tablet viewing, and uniquely branded to the firm. The logo is clean and fresh, with a distinctive color palette. The tagline, “What Brings Us Together Sets Us Apart” is reinforced throughout the site via messaging and visuals. The homepage slider features significant case stories, each highlighting a key practice area. Clever headlines paired with large black and white photos “pop” off the blue/green background to catch the viewers’ eye and entice them to click.

Congratulations to all our clients and friends on their excellent work over the past year!

5 Tips for a Successful Photo Shoot


Custom photography can be an incredibly important part of your firm’s marketing. It can also be an expensive undertaking. In my career as a designer and creative director, I have art directed hundreds of photo shoots and hired and collaborated with dozens of photographers. Here are my five top tips to help make your photo shoots run smoothly:

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Mike’s Technical Tip: The Future of Internet Explorer

internet-explorerIn a word: “None.”

A while back I was going to point out an article I found, Microsoft slashes IE support, sets ‘huge’ edict for Jan. 2016, because it was a cause for rejoicing in the website design and development community. As many may already know, Internet Explorer is the bane of our existence. It doesn’t follow the rules the rest of the web browser world uses, and almost always forces developers to create a lot of extra code to work with (or usually around) IE’s “special” way of displaying web content. Plus, each new version of IE uses different programming and web rules, making it just that much harder to program for. Every version of IE has to be taken into account when programming for the web, and it was great to hear that one of the oldest still in use (IE8) was finally going to be discarded.

I never got around to writing that post, and no longer need to apparently. Just today I stumbled on a newer article, Microsoft is killing off the Internet Explorer brand.

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Design Principle No. 5: How Can Contrast Make My Designs Pop?

This is the fifth post in a series focusing on the basic building blocks of design. With each new post we’ll feature a different principle that will help you understand how designers do what they do. If you’re ever tasked with creating something yourself, these principles can help you make good design decisions too!

Contrast simply means difference. It is the juxtaposition of opposing elements and it allows us to emphasize or highlight key elements in a design. With that in mind, make sure that when you’re designing you clearly indicate elements that are not the same as clearly different, not just slightly different. Contrast is at the root of pretty much everything. Design for the web depends heavily on establishing hierarchies of information. We want to constantly draw people to certain areas of a page and communicate clearly through the design.

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Danielle’s LMA Legal Industry Trends Luncheon Recap

LMA-NEOur client, Silvia Coulter from LawVision Group, recently presented a program on “Legal Industry Trends: A Data-Driven Dive on Legal Marketing and Business Development across the Industry” at the LMA New England February luncheon.

Her presentation focused on the findings from the 2015 Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute Annual Marketing and Business Development Benchmarking Survey, which was conducted in December 2014. Below are some of the key takeaways:

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