Bonnie’s Pick of the Month: Sunrise Calendar


Summer is right around the corner… think beach days, BBQs, networking events, and of course the occasional margarita! 😉 It’s something that we all look forward to, but how can we possibly keep all of our work and personal events organized? My pick of the month might be just what you need to manage the mayhem. Sunrise Calendar is a really simple, easy to use, universal app that lets you sync your work and personal calendars, all in one place. It’s straightforward and syncs across all your devices.

“People have only one life, and everything should be in one place.”



  • Reminders – the ability to set multiple reminders for each event gives you that extra push you need to get things done
  • Google Map support – clicking an event location on your mobile device opens your Google Maps app automatically
  • Integration with Facebook and LinkedIn as well as many others – pulls all your events into one place. You can even RSVP to pending events right in the app.
    • Some other supported integrations are: Asana, Evernote, Foursquare, TripIt, GitHub, Google Tasks, Meetup, Producteev, Songkick, Trello, Twitter, and my favorite Wunderlist (Read more about integrations here)
  • Interesting Calendars to follow: Holidays, sports team schedules, TV time for your favorite shows, and many more
  • Meet: Schedule meetings with colleagues and friends easily with the newest feature, learn more here
  • Mobile “Today widget” in the iOS notification center grabs all your events for the day and puts them in one convenient place.file-erENOz7F3m



  • Event icons are customized based on your event’s title, for example:
  • Color coded events make it easy to see what’s personal and what’s for work.
  • Consistency across all devices.
  • Minimalistic design makes this app both clean and easy to use.



We hope that this app helps you keep doing what you do best, with a little less stress. 😀