Collect Layout Organize Construct Kick-Off


Our five-phased “C.L.O.C.K.” approach, Collect, Layout, Organize, Construct, Kick-Off, keeps projects on track and on budget. Below, we detail the work that goes into each stage:


Brand Analysis

The first step in creating powerful websites and other marketing communication is understanding your business, market and target audience. This early stage defines objectives and sets expectations for everything that follows. We typically hold a project-start meeting with key decision makers at your firm to identify goals, creative scope and technical parameters that drive the remainder of the project. During the meeting we review competitors’ information and sites, your firm’s existing brand components, your target markets’ wants and needs, your design preferences, etc. For web projects, we present a site map of the current website, and discuss areas where content needs to be added, removed, and modified. Following the meeting, we provide a revised site map for the new web site.

But what if you need help defining and formalizing your brand? How do you differentiate your firm when the services you provide are similar, if not identical, to your competitors’ services? How do you stand out among your peers in a way that is authentic and memorable? We help answer these questions so the messages and images you convey are targeted and on point, resonate with your clients and prospects, and have a better likelihood of success. During the brand analysis phase, we collect information via meetings, research, interviews and questionnaires to glean important details about the personality, style, benefits and differentiators of your firm. We then compile a detailed findings report which acts as a touchstone for all marketing initiatives going forward.


Creating Effective Design & Messaging

Design and messaging goes hand-in-hand. Our approach is iterative and collaborative. Based on the goals set, we begin the creative process by presenting multiple ideas for your review and discussion, and refine concepts through ongoing modification with you. This collaboration is facilitated by sharing links to page design options or sending PDF files or physical mock-ups for discussion and feedback. We maximize the instructive value of client feedback by seeking to understand not just which approaches are preferred, but also why they are preferred.

Crafting meaningful content is integral to developing a successful website, brochure, or ad campaign. While some of our clients provide part or all of the necessary content, we often recommend engaging a writer to assist with key messaging and conceptual, marketing-driven copy. Clockwork partners with a number of talented professional writers that are highly experienced crafting memorable, engaging copy specific to your industry, that speaks directly to your target markets’ wants and needs.


Hands-On Project Management

Clockwork assumes a very “hands-on” approach to the management of all projects. We coordinate and oversee all phases to keep projects on track and on budget. Our project management includes detailed project schedules with target due dates and deliverables, coordinating all meetings and conference calls as necessary, and managing all team members, subcontractors, and client contacts. We provide detailed cost estimates for sign-off prior to the start of the project. If the scope changes after work has begun, we outline any necessary additional costs for your approval prior to moving forward.

We are very comfortable acting as “project mediator”, and are skilled in bringing groups to consensus in order to keep projects moving forward. We understand the importance of an outside marketing “expert opinion”, and will always act as your professional advocate, helping to maintain the project’s overriding marketing goals and objectives.


Building the Working Product

Every project requires specialized expertise for effective implementation. We oversee all project development – from build-out of electronic files and pre-flighting for smooth pre-press, to writing detailed functionality documents for web development – to make sure projects are produced flawlessly. Additionally, we archive and backup all files so you never have to worry about losing data.

We partner with web developers to build out technically advanced but easy-to-manage sites. Unlike other agencies, we offer many choices in CMSs, both open-source and proprietary, and recommend the best system for your project.

Print projects are bid to multiple printers, proofs are reviewed carefully, and we go on-press to supervise the job as it runs.


Publish to the World

Launch your website, print your brochure, blast your email campaign, mail your announcement, publish to the world! We follow projects through to completion and beyond, making sure we meet and exceed your expectations.

For websites, prior to launch and once fully programmed and cross-browser tested, we present the beta site for your review. The beta site resides on our development server and is not “public.” After you review the site, and when everyone is fully satisfied, we’ll move it to the hosting server and push it “live”.

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