Design Lesson: How to Pair Fonts Like a Pro

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Design Lesson: How to Pair Fonts Like a Pro

With hundreds of thousands of fonts out there it may seem overwhelming to pick ones that you love and that work together visually. In today’s lesson, learn how to pair fonts like a design pro.

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Company Social Media “Cover” Photo Sizes (Nov 2016)


At Clockwork we often help our clients create the main “cover” image for their company social media pages. If you are a marketer or a graphic artist, you may be responsible for designing these images for your firm’s pages. But sometimes, the artwork that looked great last week suddenly doesn’t look right at all. What happened? Social media sites change their layouts often, and now your perfect banner just doesn’t look perfect any more. Thus, banner sizing resources on the web tend to get out of date very quickly. And the layouts for personal social pages are different than corporate pages, so that complicates things further. Here’s the latest wrap up of corporate social media artwork sizes, as of December 2016. Free template downloads included. Read on!

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Design Lesson: What is Depth of Field?


Depth of field is a critical component to photography, and can truly make or break an image. If you’re new to photography, you may be unclear what the phrase means, exactly, and how it affects your photos. There are 3 main factors that will allow you to control the depth of field of your images: the aperture (f-stop), distance from the subject to the camera, and focal length of the lens on your camera. Let’s dive in and see how we can use these tools to get the style of photos you’re looking for.

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Design Lesson: What’s the Difference Between Serif and Sans-Serif Fonts?


There are thousands of fonts out there, it may be daunting to pick just one. We’re here to help make things easier. There are two major categories of fonts, serif and sans serif. What exactly is the difference? Why does it matter which one you choose? Which is better for your project? Take a look below at a top-level run down of the differences between them.

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Design Lesson: Top 10 Logo Redesign Tips for Professional Service Firms


Being tasked with redesigning your firm logo may seem daunting at first. Your logo is often the first visual representation of your firm’s brand that a new client encounters. Therefore, it’s important it accurately conveys the personality of your firm and reflects how you want to be perceived to current and future clients. Having worked with many professional service firms over the years, we’ve heard many of the same misconceptions about logo designs. Here are the top 10 things you should consider before jumping into the redesign process:

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