Clockwork Wins Mass Lawyers Weekly Top Website Design Firm Award!

Mass Lawyers Weekly conducted a survey of readers to find out who their favorite vendors are …and in the category of Website Design, Clockwork finished in the top three! A big thanks to all our clients and MLW readers for voting, we are truly honored to be selected for this prestigious award.
See the full story and our ad in today’s issue of Mass Lawyers Weekly.

Re-Branding: Laundry List of Common Components Requiring Change

Recently, while I was at the SMPS Boston Summer Social, a Marketing Director in the early stages of a firm rebranding project asked me a great question: “Do you happen to have a list of items that firms like mine typically need to update when they change their logo?” The next day, back at my office, I searched through my files and sure enough, found a list I had compiled many years ago. One of the items on the list included “Fax Cover Sheet” so I knew it definitely needed some updating!

So without further ado, below please find my laundry list of items that professional service firms often need to update when they change their logo:

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What is Crosslinking and Why Does it Matter?

What is crosslinking?
The term “crosslinking” is used in several ways when referring to websites. Most commonly, crosslinking refers to the process of linking between two separate websites. But crosslinking also applies when associating two pages on the same website, so that each page shows a link to the other page. Links between pages on the same site can always be added manually. But modern websites are often programmed so that crosslinks can be added dynamically for increased flexibility and ease of site management.

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Mike’s Technical Tip: Quick Way to Reorder Slides in PowerPoint

Anybody who has used PowerPoint probably needed to reorder their slides at some time, and there’s an easier way to do it than how most people probably try. Read on to learn this time-saving feature.

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Company Social Media “Cover” Photo Sizes (July 2017)


They’ve gone and done it again… the social media moguls have once again changed their profile formats. LinkedIn is the biggest offender with a complete overhaul. Here’s the latest wrap-up of corporate social media artwork sizes, as of July 2017. We’ve included a FREE template for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for you to download.

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