Where to Find Great Stock Photos

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Where to Find Great Stock Photos

All of us as digital marketers understand that a picture speaks a thousand words. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Visuals are processed 60,000x faster in the brain than text. Do you struggle to find affordable and unique stock photography? We do too! So we compiled a (fairly) comprehensive list of stock photography resources for your bookmarking pleasure. 😉

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WordPress Multisite for Professional Service Firms

What is Multisite?

WordPress Multisite creates a network of websites that can be managed together using a single WordPress installation. This feature establishes a main “parent” site and enables the ability to add “child” sites.

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Why Integrated Blogs are Better


As we work with professional service firms to design and build websites, we sometimes encounter “other blogs,” written by members of the firm, that exist independently from the firm’s main website. We often get asked if it’s better to keep blogs separate from the firm’s website, or integrate them. In almost all cases, we suggest integration. Here’s why:

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Why is WordPress So Popular?


WordPress powers 1 in 4 websites today. This statistic is even more impressive considering the rapid adoption of content management systems (CMSs). The percentage of sites on WordPress has doubled in the past 5 years, from 13% in January 2011 to 26% in February 2016.

Not only is WordPress popular, no other CMS even comes close to being used as widely. The combined percentage of sites on Joomla and Drupal, the 2nd and 3rd most popular CMSs, total only 5% of all sites compared with WordPress’s 26%. Out of all sites built on a CMS, WordPress holds an almost 60% market share, while Joomla represents 6.3% and Drupal represents 4.9%.

WordPress’s overwhelming popularity is no accident. There are some very good reasons why we and many other people are WordPress fans:

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Bonnie’s Design Tip: How to Set the Mood (For Your Website)


Subtle changes to design can make a huge difference in a website’s overall mood and feeling. To illustrate this principle, we’re showing 3 variations of a homepage design. For all the examples, we’ve maintained the same layout and site structure, but modified the font, color and photography choices. You may be surprised how different they look!

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