Design Lesson: Top 10 Logo Redesign Tips for Professional Service Firms

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Design Lesson: Top 10 Logo Redesign Tips for Professional Service Firms


Being tasked with redesigning your firm logo may seem daunting at first. Your logo is often the first visual representation of your firm’s brand that a new client encounters. Therefore, it’s important it accurately conveys the personality of your firm and reflects how you want to be perceived to current and future clients. Having worked with many professional service firms over the years, we’ve heard many of the same misconceptions about logo designs. Here are the top 10 things you should consider before jumping into the redesign process:

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What is “Editorial” Photography?


Photography has become a crucial part of promoting our firms. As marketers, we are regularly tasked with hiring photographers and finding stock photos for our website, blog and other marketing materials. Along the way, you may have heard the phrase “editorial photography” and wondered what it means. In this article I’ll explain how the word “editorial” is used and why it’s important to understand, both legally and stylistically.

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Project Spotlight: A Legal Quartet


A quartet of new law firm projects, that is! No singing attorneys will be found on this blog post.


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Why Integrated Blogs are Better


As we work with professional service firms to design and build websites, we sometimes encounter “other blogs,” written by members of the firm, that exist independently from the firm’s main website. We often get asked if it’s better to keep blogs separate from the firm’s website, or integrate them. In almost all cases, we suggest integration. Here’s why:

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Tell Me a Story: How to Write a Great Case Study


By Doug Stern and Vanessa Schaefer

You may have noticed that many law firms, architects and other professional service web sites look and sound a lot alike. They say the same things. “We do the best work, we went to the best schools, and we care the most about our clients.”

Other firms and practices, however, set themselves apart and make their sites more engaging by sharing stories about how they’ve created value for a client. So, instead of merely asserting your capabilities and value, client stories demonstrate them.

The question is, How do you present a great client success story? How do you write, format and illustrate an engaging description that relates to a client’s problems and needs at least as much (or more) than it talks about you and your strengths?

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