Round-Up of 2016 Holiday Animated & Print Cards

Category : CPA Marketing

Round-Up of 2016 Holiday Animated & Print Cards

Now that we have bid farewell to 2016, I am delighted to share some of the branded holiday cards we created for our clients.

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Clockwork Highlights of 2016

Wow, what a year! Thank you to all our wonderful clients. We love working with you to bring your brands to life.

Below are some highlights from the past year including projects large and small, from new brands and websites to ads and holiday cards. Click on any of the projects below to learn more.

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WordPress Multisite for Professional Service Firms

What is Multisite?

WordPress Multisite creates a network of websites that can be managed together using a single WordPress installation. This feature establishes a main “parent” site and enables the ability to add “child” sites.

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Design Lesson: What is Depth of Field?


Depth of field is a critical component to photography, and can truly make or break an image. If you’re new to photography, you may be unclear what the phrase means, exactly, and how it affects your photos. There are 3 main factors that will allow you to control the depth of field of your images: the aperture (f-stop), distance from the subject to the camera, and focal length of the lens on your camera. Let’s dive in and see how we can use these tools to get the style of photos you’re looking for.

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Clockwork Launches Two New Websites!


We are proud to announce that we recently launched all new, responsive websites for our clients AGH and Walker.

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