Mike’s Technical Tip: Let Photoshop Identify Mystery Fonts

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Mike’s Technical Tip: Let Photoshop Identify Mystery Fonts

A problem just about everybody using a computer has had over time is identifying a font. Many, many years ago you had to either just recognize fonts by eye, or look through an ever-outdated book of font families, hoping to find the one that matches your sample. But if you have the latest version of Photoshop, it can now be done with just a few clicks.

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A Bold New Look for Modrall Sperling

Modrall Sperling is the counsel of choice for complex business, litigation and natural resources challenges anywhere in New Mexico. The firm works with clients in industries including Construction, Education, Energy, Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Mining, Railroads, Ranching, Real Estate, as well as businesses working in Indian Country, and more. The new website positions Modrall Sperling as the go-to law firm in New Mexico.

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Mike’s Technical Tip: Using the PANTONE® Color Finder

The PANTONE Matching System (PMS) is is both universal and complex, and sometimes a designer might reference a color by its PANTONE number. But what if you need to know that color’s web (“hex”) or RGB values, or even its closest equivalent in 4-color (CMYK) for printing? There’s a great page on the PANTONE website for just that. (Confused already? You can brush up on all these terms in this post.)

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Where to Find Great Stock Photos

All of us as digital marketers understand that a picture speaks a thousand words. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Visuals are processed 60,000x faster in the brain than text. Do you struggle to find affordable and unique stock photography? We do too! So we compiled a (fairly) comprehensive list of stock photography resources for your bookmarking pleasure. 😉

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How to Avoid Website Dead Ends

Thinking back to good old days of print, we all intuitively knew what to do when we got to the bottom of a page: Turn it.

But the same is not so true for web pages. Too often, we get to a “dead end” and are not really sure what we should click on next. Product websites figured out a long time ago that in order to sell online, they needed to have strong, obvious call-to-actions on every page. But many professional service firm sites still struggle with the concept. Here are a few examples of ways to avoid dead ends on your website.

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