Design Lesson: What is the Rule of Thirds?

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Design Lesson: What is the Rule of Thirds?


Often applied in the world of photography, the “rule of thirds” works by splitting an image into thirds, so you end up with 9 equal sections. It’s most effective when your main subject is placed where the lines intersect. Aligning a subject with these points creates more tension, energy and interest in the composition than simply centering the subject. It’s not limited to photography, it can also be applied to graphic design layouts. When composing your ad, website, or other marketing material try to think of the “rule of thirds” principle.

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Three Wins at This Year’s LMA New England Your Honor Awards!


We were thrilled to celebrate three award-winning projects with our clients and friends at the Legal Marketing Association of New England’s Your Honor Awards on Wednesday.

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Watch 9 Fun Holiday eCards in our 2015 Roundup

Happy New Year to Our Clients and Friends

2015 was another great year in holiday e-cards! Please enjoy this collection of our latest work, and don’t forget… it’s never too early to begin thinking about the next holiday season!

Pierce Atwood LLP

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2015 Holiday Wishes from Clockwork


Is Buying Syndicated Content Worth the Price?


Content Marketing is something most marketers are well aware of and are, or want to be, doing. For those who haven’t yet begun, getting started can be a daunting undertaking. It’s human nature to look for shortcuts.

From time to time, clients ask me about purchasing “syndicated” content. There are various agencies and services out there that provide pre-written articles specific to various industries. Content can be purchased (or, more accurately, “licensed”) for your specific use, such as blog posts, email blasts, or even printed newsletters.

Before signing up for a service like this, the most important question to ask, first, is what do you hope to achieve? Usually, when I ask our accounting, financial, legal and A/E/C clients to answer this question, their reasons are one or more of the following:

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