Redesigned, Repositioned & Responsive

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Redesigned, Repositioned & Responsive

laptopsCongratulations to our clients, Hobbs Brook Management and Anderson & Kreiger, on the launch of their new websites! Both sites were built using responsive design, so that all content on all pages is easy to view and access from phone, tablet, laptop and desktop screen sizes.

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Winning RFPs: 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

Responding to RFPs (Request for Proposals) is often a love/hate relationship. We love being included in the process and the chance at winning new work for the firm, but we hate the time and stress that goes into putting a strong proposal together. Below is a list of questions to ask yourself that may help you improve the process and win more bids:

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Website Refresh Reveal: Sherin and Lodgen


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This week we launched the website refresh for our client, Sherin and Lodgen. The design modernizes the look and feel of the website while maintaining the existing brand design components, such as the strong color blocking palette and scheme as well as the silhouetted bio photos. To give the site a clean and fresh look, we simplified the brand elements, restructured the bio pages, and updated the grid for modern screen sizes.

Client Spotlight: Connolly Brothers


Over the past year we helped our client, Connolly Brothers, with a full rebranding initiative. Connolly sets the highest standards for construction and attention to detail, which has been their hallmark since 1880. Although the firm is over 134 years old, the services and customer support offered are state-of-the-art, and the marketing needed an update to reflect that. The primary rebranding objective was to modernize and strengthen the firm’s appearance while reinforcing the traits the firm is best known for: quality, value, and consistency.

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A New Brand for a New Client – Take a “Peak”

We are excited to announce the launch of a cohesive, new brand for our client, Peak Financial Management!

Peak is a boutique, fee-only wealth management firm. Peak needed a completely new brand to differentiate them from competitors, resonate with existing and potential clients, and consistently position the firm across all forms of marketing.

When Peak came to us, their website was very outdated and generic. The site’s imagery, like many of their competitors’, relied on cliched photos (families, retired couples, clients talking with an adviser, calculators, and the like.) After getting to know the people at Peak and their core values, we created messaging and visuals that are unique to the firm and memorable to their audience. The homepage animation uses photos from nature that fade from full color to black and white (leaving one item in color) illustrating the tagline, “We see the difference.” Peak’s new website is engaging and elegant with an approachable, down-to-earth feel. It is appealing to sophisticated visitors such as college faculty, physicians, entrepreneurs, business owners, and C-level executives.

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