How To Write a Law Firm Website RFP

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How To Write a Law Firm Website RFP

Not all proposals are created equal. Neither are RFPs.

Reviewing website proposals can be like comparing apples and oranges. Without providing a detailed RFP to website agencies, each proposal you receive will be that company’s best recommendation or, essentially, their best guess to your wants and needs. Writing a thorough RFP will save you time and frustration. Use our Law Firm Website RFP Template to help write a clear Request For Proposal and hopefully you will be comparing apples to apples! Click here to fill out the contact form and select the document from the pull-down menu.

New Clients, New Projects

Here at Clockwork Design Group, we of course enjoy and appreciate all the web work we get from our clients, but it’s also a pleasure to be able to return to our roots and design for print. We’ve recently completed a number of print projects, and the following are examples of work we’ve done for two new clients.

Consigli Construction Co., Inc. is a leading construction manager and general contractor headquartered in Milford, MA, with offices in Williamstown, MA, Portland, ME and Hartford, CT. We were tasked with designing a brand-new look for their print collateral, starting with proposal templates. Based on this design, we then created many more pieces, including a tradeshow booth and pull-up banners, and a recruiting mini brochure.

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Trade Show Booths for Two New Clients


Trade show booth and pull-up banners

OBP Medical, Inc., of Lawrence, Massachusetts, is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative, self-contained single-use medical devices. Since its start-up in 2006, OBP Medical has pioneered numerous medical advances, including a breakthrough disposable lighting technology and lines of single-use illuminated devices.



OBP came to Clockwork in need of a consistent look for their marketing components to build corporate branding. We began by redesigning their product datasheets, knowing these would set the standard for all future pieces. We found a dramatic stock photo of a light beam and art directed new product photography to establish a strong, memorable look for the brand.

Soon after, we took this design and expanded it to make an eight-foot trade show booth for OBP. Like the datasheets, the booth also plays on the sense of light – one of the primary features of OBP’s line of products. The new tagline – “Simple. Bright. Ideas.” – is front and center to complete the messaging.

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Our design of the Timberline Construction website is now live!

Our design of the Timberline Construction website is now live!

Clockwork Announces Six New Sites!

Six New Sites

See the six latest website we’ve designed and launched — for clients that include law firms, financial advisors, and an architectural firm!