Firm Website RFP Templates for Legal, CPA, Financial, and A/E/C

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Firm Website RFP Templates for Legal, CPA, Financial, and A/E/C

Marketers are very familiar with writing proposals. We know responding to RFPs keeps you very, very busy! But what happens when the tables are turned and you are writing the RFP for a project your firm is planning, like a website redesign? Do you know what questions you should be asking? Clockwork can help!

Use our Law Firm, CPA Firm, Financial, or A/E/C Firm Website RFP Template and receive more accurate, clear, and consistent website proposals.

Click here to fill out the contact form. Use the Request a Document pull-down and select the Firm Website RFP Template for your industry. And of course, please include Clockwork in your request for proposal!

How To Write a Law Firm Website RFP

Not all proposals are created equal. Neither are RFPs.

Reviewing website proposals can be like comparing apples and oranges. Without providing a detailed RFP to website agencies, each proposal you receive will be that company’s best recommendation or, essentially, their best guess to your wants and needs. Writing a thorough RFP will save you time and frustration. Use our Law Firm Website RFP Template to help write a clear Request For Proposal and hopefully you will be comparing apples to apples! Click here to fill out the contact form and select the document from the pull-down menu.

How to Select a Website Committee: 10 Tips to a Great Team

Creating a new website for your firm is a complex process. Getting buy-in, consensus, as well as important content involves many people. Having worked with countless companies in a variety of industries, Clockwork knows how important it is to have the “right” website team in place. Here’s a list of our top-ten tips:

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Website Committee “Job Description”

Many of our clients, especially our law firm clients, form Website Committees to assist their marketing department or firm administrator with important website decisions. But what is really required of a Website Committee Member? What does it take to do that job well? Here’s our list of qualifications, preparation, and requirements:

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The Big Reveal – LMA National Gets a New Look

Here at Clockwork Design Group, we have been a longtime supporter of the Legal Marketing Association (LMA). A few months ago, LMA contacted Clockwork and asked for our help redesigning their national website. The original design was overdue for a refresh, and we were excited to help.

Project Goals

A main goal of the project was to modernize and improve the website’s look and feel. A new approach to the site’s typography was critical because readability was an issue. Navigation also posed a problem, so we improved the fluidity of navigation and visual hierarchy, allowing members to quickly and easily find what they are looking for.

The personality of LMA is fun, fresh, engaging, as well as professional. By carefully selecting web fonts and bright colors, we helped portray the energetic character of the association. Our design decisions incorporated new and existing brand guidelines, and translated them to the web.

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