A strong identity is critical to a memorable brand. Clockwork loves designing unique logos, or modernizing existing logos that may have become dated over the years.

But your firm’s brand is much more than your logo. How do you define and formalize your brand? How do you differentiate your firm when the services you provide may be similar, if not identical, to your competitors’ services? How do you stand out among your peers in a way that is authentic and memorable? We help answer these questions so the messages and images you convey are targeted and on point, resonate with your clients and prospects, and have a better likelihood of success. Clockwork offers a thorough brand analysis phase during which we collect information via meetings, research, interviews and questionnaires to glean important details about the personality, style, benefits and differentiators of your firm. We then compile a detailed findings report which acts as a touchstone for all marketing initiatives going forward.

Take a look at some of our identity work: