Edelstein & Company

Edelstein & Company


A radical and lively new brand for the firm began with a formal brand analysis. Our findings pointed to a style of work that was evident when we first met the Edelstein team — they truly enjoy what they do, and their clients enjoy working with them. In fact, the word “fun” came up many times. Clockwork repositioned the firm’s brand to emphasize and align with their true personality. Now, the style of the firm really comes through and the consistent implementation across all marketing media is what drives this brand home.

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Print Work

Several pocket folders, stationery, print ads, a PowerPoint template, and more all follow the new look established by the website.


The new modernized logo uses warm and engaging colors, adds a lively, lighthearted, tilted “e” icon as well as a client-focused tagline, “accounting for you.”

Announcement Ecard

Animated eCard with evocative messaging and visuals, aimed at immediate differentiation from competitors.

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