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Bonnie’s Pick of the Month: Readability


In a world where everything is vying for our attention it can be difficult to prioritize what is truly important. Information is more accessible to people than ever before in human history. Have you ever found it difficult to focus in on an article that you know will be helpful, but it’s just surrounded by distracting elements on the page? Have you ever wished you could just remove all the clutter and just get to the content? If only there were a tool out there that could convert almost any website into a simple, beautiful, and clean reading experience. That’s where Readability comes into play.

What is it Readability?

Readability is a free service that quickly turns any web page into a clean and comfortable read, right in your web browser. You can also save your articles for reading later – on your tablet, mobile phone, or Amazon Kindle. How’s that for a time-saver?

Why you should try it:

  • It helps to streamline webpages to let you focus on the content, not the clutter.
  • It’s super easy to use – once it’s installed you just click and voila! Instant easy reading experience.
  • Read Later option allows you to dictate when and where it’s convenient for you to read the articles.
  • Ability to share articles you find interesting on your favorite social networks.

Design Features:

  • Customizable display, change the design to reflect your reading preferences.
  • Lots of whitespace or in web design terms, it’s the space between graphics, columns, images, text, margins and other elements. It is the space left untouched in order to allow the user to focus on what’s the most important information and transform a page into something elegant. (For more information about what whitespace is and why it’s so important take a look at this article.)

Here’s what you do:

What it looks like:

Before Readability




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