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Lowell Blake & Associates is an employee-owned registered investment advisory firm based in Boston, founded on the principles of independence, transparency, fairness, and an obsessive commitment to client interests. The abstract staircase implies upward growth and progress, and the subtle messaging animation reinforces the firm’s core mission, boldly proclaiming Lowell Blake’s independent and unbiased approach to investment management.

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Clockwork researched and selected a library of stock photos representative of the subject matter, all with graphic imagery in orange tones. Paired with the blue header band, these images give the interior web pages a bold, branded feel that coordinates with the firm's logo. The "Perspectives" tab dynamically crosslinks with the LBA Monthly View posts, to encourage visitors to keep exploring the site. Additionally, visitors can click the "Print to PDF" button to programmatically generate a PDF of the page to print, share, or save.

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