Clockwork Goes Responsive!

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Clockwork Goes Responsive!


We’re excited to announce that Clockwork has gone Responsive!

What does that mean? Whether you access our site from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, the layout will reflow to fit your screen. You’ll never have to pinch and zoom to read the content ever again – hooray! It also means that now our entire website is tailored to work beautifully on all mobile platforms. Go ahead… try it out on your snazzy smartphones and tablets. If you’re on a desktop computer, take the corner of your browser window and scale it to make it bigger and smaller. You’ll see the different “breakpoints” where the navigation and other elements change. This makes it a whole lot easier to use on mobile devices. We’ve also added a new site search and client search, so you can more easily find what you’re looking for no matter what device you’re using. Go ahead and check out the new responsive layout at!

And if you’d like to learn more about design and content for mobile devices, please make sure to read the Mobile Optimized versus Responsive versus Mobile App post written by Vanessa.

Mobile Optimized versus Responsive versus Mobile App


When we talk with clients about their website projects these days, “mobile” is an important part of the conversation. But a “mobile site” can mean different things to different people, and is usually a confusing and sometimes frustrating subject. What’s the difference between a “mobile optimized” site, a “responsive site”, and a “mobile app”? Which one is the right solution for your needs? Why? In the following article, let’s discuss each option, outline the differences, the pros and cons, and best uses.

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