Mike’s Technical Tip: Check Your Facebook Cover Photo

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Mike’s Technical Tip: Check Your Facebook Cover Photo


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A few months back, Facebook began rolling out some changes to Facebook for Business pages. This month’s tip is all about what your visitors see when they first come to your company’s Facebook page. Specifically, the changes you may need to make to your cover photo, and especially to the lower 25% of that area.

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How do you brand a professional service firm, really?



Five steps to a strong brand.

As marketers, we know that your firm’s brand is a lot more than the logo on your stationery. But the true meaning of a “brand,” especially for professional service firms, is difficult to define. Ask ten people and you will probably get ten different explanations.

How do you differentiate your firm when the services you provide are similar (if not identical) to your competitors’? How do you stand out among your peers in a way that is authentic and memorable?

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Bonnie’s Pick of the Month: Readability


In a world where everything is vying for our attention it can be difficult to prioritize what is truly important. Information is more accessible to people than ever before in human history. Have you ever found it difficult to focus in on an article that you know will be helpful, but it’s just surrounded by distracting elements on the page? Have you ever wished you could just remove all the clutter and just get to the content? If only there were a tool out there that could convert almost any website into a simple, beautiful, and clean reading experience. That’s where Readability comes into play.

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A New Brand for a New Client – Take a “Peak”

We are excited to announce the launch of a cohesive, new brand for our client, Peak Financial Management!

Peak is a boutique, fee-only wealth management firm. Peak needed a completely new brand to differentiate them from competitors, resonate with existing and potential clients, and consistently position the firm across all forms of marketing.

When Peak came to us, their website was very outdated and generic. The site’s imagery, like many of their competitors’, relied on cliched photos (families, retired couples, clients talking with an adviser, calculators, and the like.) After getting to know the people at Peak and their core values, we created messaging and visuals that are unique to the firm and memorable to their audience. The homepage animation uses photos from nature that fade from full color to black and white (leaving one item in color) illustrating the tagline, “We see the difference.” Peak’s new website is engaging and elegant with an approachable, down-to-earth feel. It is appealing to sophisticated visitors such as college faculty, physicians, entrepreneurs, business owners, and C-level executives.

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