Website Refresh Reveal: Sherin and Lodgen

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Website Refresh Reveal: Sherin and Lodgen


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This week we launched the website refresh for our client, Sherin and Lodgen. The design modernizes the look and feel of the website while maintaining the existing brand design components, such as the strong color blocking palette and scheme as well as the silhouetted bio photos. To give the site a clean and fresh look, we simplified the brand elements, restructured the bio pages, and updated the grid for modern screen sizes.

20 Years Ago Today, Clockwork Was Born!



Vanessa, Mike, Danielle, & Bonnie at Solea Restaurant & Tapas Bar in Waltham

On July 25th, 1994, Vanessa and Mike signed the paperwork to incorporate Clockwork Design Group, Inc. Twenty years later, we celebrated the event with Danielle and Bonnie by enjoying a tasty lunch at Solea tapas restaurant on Moody Street, followed by ice cream at Lizzy’s on our walk back to the office. Here’s to many more fun years ahead!

Mike’s Technical Tip: Converting Scanned Text into Real Text in Acrobat


acrobatOne of Adobe Acrobat’s lesser-known features (according to a survey done by… me) is its ability to do OCR, or optical character recognition. That’s just a fancy term for converting images of text to real text.

I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve been sent a scan of some text and have been asked to edit it, or bring its contents into a page layout program like InDesign or Office application such as Word. Obviously, the scanned image itself can’t be imported into those programs if you want anything other than ridiculous results.

Luckily, that problem is exactly what Acrobat’s OCR capability was designed to address. And its basic functionality is very easy to use, too.

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Bonnie’s Pick of the Month: Rookie App (Plus Wallpaper Freebie!)


IconRookie – Photo Editor

This month’s recommended app is a free photo editor called Rookie. It’s a more robust version of the default iPhone camera app and has really extensive photo editing capabilities that give you a ton of flexibility when editing your photos. The default filters are great, but my favorite thing about this app is that it allows you to edit the intensity of highlights and shadows, vibrancy of color, hue and saturation levels and many other features. You can also add text, stickers and frames to each of your photos. Exporting to your favorite social media or camera roll is a breeze. Take a look below for some screenshots. Then give it a try here: Download Now

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Client Spotlight: Connolly Brothers


Over the past year we helped our client, Connolly Brothers, with a full rebranding initiative. Connolly sets the highest standards for construction and attention to detail, which has been their hallmark since 1880. Although the firm is over 134 years old, the services and customer support offered are state-of-the-art, and the marketing needed an update to reflect that. The primary rebranding objective was to modernize and strengthen the firm’s appearance while reinforcing the traits the firm is best known for: quality, value, and consistency.

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