Is SEO Worth Your Time?

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Is SEO Worth Your Time?

SEO-GoogleThe overall goal of SEO, or “Search Engine Optimization”, is to improve a website’s ranking in a search engine’s “organic” or un-paid search results. Most people immediately assume high rankings are something they must have, even if the cost of getting those high rankings is, well, high. But spending marketing time and dollars on SEO should be considered carefully. In some instances, returning high can actually be detrimental to your marketing efforts. Let’s consider SEO, starting from the basics:

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Mike’s Technical Tip: Don’t Lose Your Head!

Headline, that is. Here’s a quick technical tip InDesign users can try to keep text that’s supposed to be together… well… together.

Back in the olden days, if you had a headline you wanted to span multiple columns of text, you had to set it in its own text box:

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Design Principle No. 2 – Why Emphasis Matters In Web Design

This is the second post in a series focusing on the basic building blocks of design. With each new post we’ll feature a different principle that will help you understand how designers do what they do. If you’re ever tasked with creating something yourself, these principles can help you make good design decisions too!

Emphasis: The dominance of one or more particular elements that creates a focal point in website design. It is where your eyes instinctively go when you first view the page. Often, a focal point is larger, more colorful, or has more contrast than other elements on the page. Once you’ve established a focal point, try to complement it with other features such as color, form and texture to guide the viewer throughout the rest of the page. Design is a form of communication. Therefore, a design without emphasis is like a joke without a punch line. (See our article on Balance)

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Danielle’s Tips & Tricks to Project Managing the Holidays



The holiday season can be hectic and overwhelming but the end result is something wonderful and memorable! In some ways it is very similar to managing a big, exciting project such as a new website, which is where I come in. I’m applying my focus on dates, numbers, and details to the holidays. Here are my tips and tricks to staying sane and surviving the holidays.

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2014 Holiday Wishes from Clockwork