Client Spotlight: Edelstein & Company

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Client Spotlight: Edelstein & Company

Congratulations to our client, Edelstein & Company, on their successful new brand and website launch! The full rebranding made a big splash with a New Year’s themed animated announcement.


When we started working with Edelstein, we quickly discovered that they are not your typical CPA firm. Clients are drawn to the firm for their friendly, fun, can-do attitude as much as they are for the expertise and business savvy Edelstein accountants provide. Clockwork repositioned the firm’s brand to emphasize and align with their true personality.

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Mike’s Technical Tip: Live Area, Trim, and Bleed in Ad Specs

Something you often see in the specs (pronounced “specks” and short for “specifications”) when you’re looking to place an ad in a magazine or newspaper are the “live area,” “trim size,” and “bleed size.” You may have wondered what those terms mean. It’s actually pretty simple – have a look at the following image:

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2014 Holiday eCard Roundup

Happy New Year to Our Clients and Friends

2014 was another great year in holiday e-cards! Please enjoy this collection of our latest work, and don’t forget… it’s never too early to begin thinking about the next holiday season!

posternak2014Posternak Blankstein & Lund LLP

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Design Principle No. 3 – What Is Design Flow & How Can I Use It?

This is the third post in a series focusing on the basic building blocks of design. With each new post we’ll feature a different principle that will help you understand how designers do what they do. If you’re ever tasked with creating something yourself, these principles can help you make good design decisions too!

Design Principle Blog Headers-03

Have you ever visited a website and immediately felt overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated? More likely than not there was probably too much content crammed onto the page, so much so that your eyes didn’t know where to begin. Before long you probably left the site to look elsewhere for the information you had come to find. The real problem isn’t with the content of the site, but the flow of the website. Let’s discover together what design flow is and how to achieve it in our own designs.

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Recent Renovation: Branding & Marketing for Farley White’s Commercial Real Estate Properties in Lowell




Farley White Interests is now the largest commercial real estate property owner in the city of Lowell. Their properties include three commercial office buildings as well as a self-storage facility. Farley White enlisted the help of Clockwork to market their properties to brokers and prospective tenants, positioning Lowell as a smart investment and desirable location for office space.

Clockwork designed a family of pieces that work together as a consistent, branded package. We began by developing property names and URLs for each location. Then, we developed logos, brochures, and websites, as well as a flexible email marketing template the firm can use to promote their properties to brokers and communicate with tenants.

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