RIW’s Refreshed and Responsive Website

Monthly Archives: October 2015

RIW’s Refreshed and Responsive Website


We recently launched a new, refreshed website for the law firm Ruberto Israel & Weiner (RIW). We created the previous iteration of the firm’s website in early 2008, so it was well due for an update. Core elements of the firm’s branding, such as the powerful tagline “at the speed of YES,” have been maintained on the new site, while new, modern design elements and functionalities have been added to keep up with the latest technology.

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Mike’s Technical Tip: Use a Browser Add-On to Hide All Images


The web is a fascinating place, filled with useful information on just about anything you can possibly think of. It’s also a media-rich environment, with pictures and videos everywhere you look. Usually all that media enhances your web-viewing experience, but occasionally you’re just looking for the information, and all that rich media serves to do is get in the way, slow down your browsing, or even make a webpage un-viewable for one reason or another. For any of those cases, you can shed the things that are distracting you or slowing down the page load: hide images.

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Is Buying Syndicated Content Worth the Price?


Content Marketing is something most marketers are well aware of and are, or want to be, doing. For those who haven’t yet begun, getting started can be a daunting undertaking. It’s human nature to look for shortcuts.

From time to time, clients ask me about purchasing “syndicated” content. There are various agencies and services out there that provide pre-written articles specific to various industries. Content can be purchased (or, more accurately, “licensed”) for your specific use, such as blog posts, email blasts, or even printed newsletters.

Before signing up for a service like this, the most important question to ask, first, is what do you hope to achieve? Usually, when I ask our accounting, financial, legal and A/E/C clients to answer this question, their reasons are one or more of the following:

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5 Things JetBlue Taught Me About Professional Service Firm Marketing


As I was booking a flight recently, I suddenly realized something that kind of surprised me. I am willing to pay MORE to fly on JetBlue.

Being the inquisitive marketer that I am, this got me thinking. What, exactly, would cause me to pay more for a service? And how, then, can I apply those findings to the legal, financial, and A/E/C firms that I help market? Here’s what I found:

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AP&S Site Launch


Adler Pollock & Sheehan (AP&S) is a New England law firm that represents local, national and international clients in a wide range of complex legal matters. AP&S enlisted Clockwork’s assistance to update and enhance their website’s appearance, structure, and usability. The firm also wanted the website to emphasize their track record of success and portray their professional personality.

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