Tell Me a Story: How to Write a Great Case Study

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Tell Me a Story: How to Write a Great Case Study


By Doug Stern and Vanessa Schaefer

You may have noticed that many law firms, architects and other professional service web sites look and sound a lot alike. They say the same things. “We do the best work, we went to the best schools, and we care the most about our clients.”

Other firms and practices, however, set themselves apart and make their sites more engaging by sharing stories about how they’ve created value for a client. So, instead of merely asserting your capabilities and value, client stories demonstrate them.

The question is, How do you present a great client success story? How do you write, format and illustrate an engaging description that relates to a client’s problems and needs at least as much (or more) than it talks about you and your strengths?

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Three Wins at This Year’s LMA New England Your Honor Awards!


We were thrilled to celebrate three award-winning projects with our clients and friends at the Legal Marketing Association of New England’s Your Honor Awards on Wednesday.

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Mike’s Technical Tip: Customizing Your Google Apps Menu


If you’re a Google Apps user, you probably know there’s an ever-growing and changing fleet of programs from Google, available to you for an almost infinite number of tasks. Gmail and the Google Calendar are among the most widely-used, with dozens more following closely behind. What you might not be aware of is that you have customizable, instant access to all these products.

Notice the 3×3 “grid” icon in the upper-right corner of a given Google App, such as in Gmail:

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What’s “Lumpy Mail” and Why I Opened It


A very strange package was delivered to my office the other day. It looked odd, like nothing I’d seen before come through the mail. At about 10″ wide by 6″ high, with a zipper along the top, it reminded me of a vinyl pencil case that I had as a kid. There was a mailing label stuck on with my name on it, as well as actual postage stamps.

Everyone in the office was looking at it, thinking the same thing, “What the heck is that?” So obviously I unzipped it and looked inside.

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Why is WordPress So Popular?


WordPress powers 1 in 4 websites today. This statistic is even more impressive considering the rapid adoption of content management systems (CMSs). The percentage of sites on WordPress has doubled in the past 5 years, from 13% in January 2011 to 26% in February 2016.

Not only is WordPress popular, no other CMS even comes close to being used as widely. The combined percentage of sites on Joomla and Drupal, the 2nd and 3rd most popular CMSs, total only 5% of all sites compared with WordPress’s 26%. Out of all sites built on a CMS, WordPress holds an almost 60% market share, while Joomla represents 6.3% and Drupal represents 4.9%.

WordPress’s overwhelming popularity is no accident. There are some very good reasons why we and many other people are WordPress fans:

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