Company Social Media “Cover” Photo Sizes (July 2017)

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Company Social Media “Cover” Photo Sizes (July 2017)


They’ve gone and done it again… the social media moguls have once again changed their profile formats. LinkedIn is the biggest offender with a complete overhaul. Here’s the latest wrap-up of corporate social media artwork sizes, as of July 2017. We’ve included a FREE template for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for you to download.

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The Importance of Blog Categories & Tags

If you are a professional service firm marketer, you know your firm’s blog is often one of the most heavily frequented sections of your website. A good blog can help you stay top-of-mind with clients and prospects, increase referrals, and build brand loyalty overall. Your blog should be rich with content, and that content should be easy to find by your site visitors. But Categories and Tags, two basic blog functionalities that really help your blog’s usability, are often misused, over used, or ignored completely. By following a few simple steps, you can improve your blog significantly and enhance your visitors’ experience considerably.

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Mike’s Technical Tip: Using Google Calendar’s Keyboard Shortcuts

I’m a big fan of keyboard shortcuts (as opposed to clicking and mousing all over the place) and Google Calendar is chock-full of shortcuts you should know if you feel the same way. Read on to learn how to enable and use them.

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