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Trade Show Booths for Two New Clients

Tradeshow Booth

Trade show booth and pull-up banners

OBP Medical, Inc., of Lawrence, Massachusetts, is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative, self-contained single-use medical devices. Since its start-up in 2006, OBP Medical has pioneered numerous medical advances, including a breakthrough disposable lighting technology and lines of single-use illuminated devices.



OBP came to Clockwork in need of a consistent look for their marketing components to build corporate branding. We began by redesigning their product datasheets, knowing these would set the standard for all future pieces. We found a dramatic stock photo of a light beam and art directed new product photography to establish a strong, memorable look for the brand.

Soon after, we took this design and expanded it to make an eight-foot trade show booth for OBP. Like the datasheets, the booth also plays on the sense of light – one of the primary features of OBP’s line of products. The new tagline – “Simple. Bright. Ideas.” – is front and center to complete the messaging.



Pop-up trade show booth

Colt Refining & Recycling, Inc., of Hudson and Merrimack New Hampshire, has over 30 years experience in the precious metals recycling industry, as well as the knowledge, capability and structure to handle all types of manufacturing waste.

Colt needed a new trade show booth that features both their Refining as well as their Recycling capabilities while furthering their corporate identity. We created a design that is very colorful, bright, and eye-catching, so people can see the booth from across a large showroom. Using a combination of stock photography and images from the client’s library, as well as abstract “elements” from the periodic table, we created a design that directly shows and describes Colt’s refining and recycling services.

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