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Develop Social Media Content to Keep Your Audience Engaged

Develop Social Media Content

Your company is multi-faceted so your social media should be as well. Some research suggests that an 80/20 mix— with 80% general interest and 20% business content — works best for social media marketing. So, if your social media presence is getting stale, you might consider the following types or ways of presenting content:


Use infographics, tutorials, or helpful tips to make your company a resource to your clients and to show your expertise in your field.


Highlight new associates or awards to show a human face for your organization. This is also a great way to congratulate promotions and recognize achievements.

Project portfolio

Announce the completion of projects and show the outcome. If you are starting on a new social media platform, you can show past projects as well.


Share photos or key takeaways from industry conferences. Share photos of charity events to demonstrate your organization’s community involvement. If your event is public, give plenty of notice to your audience and remind them of the upcoming event on a regular basis.

Quotes or motivational statements

Highlight quotes from thought leaders in your industry or company in a way that makes them easily sharable. Studies show that images and videos are much more engaging than text, so use them whenever possible. Make quotations into an appealing graphic for the most impact.



There is no substitute for first-hand success stories so ask a few clients for their feedback and share it on your social media platforms.

Video or GIFs

As people scroll through social media, video clips and animated graphics can really catch the eye in a way that a still image may not.


Infographics are images that condense your message into a streamlined graphic illustrating the essential information. Because of their bold impact, they are eye-catching and easily sharable.


Think about short-term campaigns that you can run that are educational or entertaining to your audience. Creating a specific hashtag will make these events easily sharable and will encourage audience involvement.

Bank of America News Campaign

Bank of America News (@BofA_News) uses several of the techniques described above effectively. The example below links to a short, 7-second video. It grabs the audience’s attention, stops them from scrolling for those 7-seconds, and educates them about their services.

Techniques used: Video, Education.

Jensen Hughes Campaign

Engineering firm Jensen Hughes (@Jensen_Hughes) created a New Year Safety Countdown campaign with daily tips to help people stay safe during the holidays. Their infographics are simple but bold, which makes them memorable. The hashtag #10tipsfor2019 makes their posts easily searchable.

Framing their campaign as an event helped to build anticipation. Days before their campaign kicked off they tweeted “Just two days until we start our safety tip countdown.”

Techniques used: Campaign, Infographic, Education.

By varying your content and thinking of creative ways to present your message, you will keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

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