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10 Ways to Demonstrate Company Culture on Social Media

Company Culture

Demonstrating a positive company culture is crucial to attracting and retaining top talent, and social media is a great tool for the job. Here are 10 actionable ways to use social media to demonstrate — and to create! — a great company culture:

1. Testimonials

Interview an employee, asking open-ended questions, to get them to talk about company culture. You can post a clip of the video interview, a portrait with a quote, or the quote alone. Interview several employees and make this a regular feature of your content calendar.

2. Nonprofit or community events

Highlight company sponsorship showcasing employee involvement in nonprofit or community events like food drives or charity runs.

3. Company sports teams

Your company sports team demonstrates the epitome of “teamwork” so be sure to share group photos, give encouragement to the team, and highlight their accomplishments on your social media platforms.

4. Office pets

Everyone loves a pet photo! If your office is pet-friendly, be sure to share all of your four-legged visitors.

5. Team building events

Share regular events like Friday Happy Hour or an annual employee appreciation dinner. These events create opportunities for employees to socialize and build community. Create a catchy hashtag and use it when posting these events.

6. Continuing education

If your company offers continuing education for employees, interview trainees about their experience or create an infographic demonstrating the effectiveness of your education program.

7. Industry conferences

Use industry conferences not only as an opportunity to connect with players in your industry but also to show potential recruits that you are involved in the industry events.

8. Work anniversaries

Recognizing the hard work of your employees is not only good for morale, it also communicates to your followers that you have a culture of appreciation.

9. Moments of collaboration

You might overlook those small moments when one employee helps another, but that is a core part of company culture. Take a walk around your office and try to capture candid moments of teamwork. And don’t forget shots in the cafeteria and break areas too!

10. Employee takeovers

Allow an employee to take over the company Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for a day to share their day-to-day experience.

Maintain a good mix of planned and spontaneous content. Planned content is orchestrated whereas spontaneous content can be posted on the fly in the form of Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, or live-Tweeting.

Sharing your company culture on social media will not only demonstrate a thriving work atmosphere for potential recruits, but it will also help to build a stronger culture of appreciation and respect among your employees.

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