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Mike’s Technical Tip: Easy Access to Precise Volume Control in iOS

Mobile Phone Sound Volume

One of my favorite aspects of Apple products is that their use is so intuitive, I often discover features just by trying to do things I think should happen. This is one of those cases.

I noticed that when you use the volume up/down buttons on an iPhone or iPad, you briefly see a wider volume indicator before it shrinks down to be a thin bar along the side of your screen. Furthermore, the volume intervals are noticeable as you continue to press the buttons in either direction:

On a whim I thought, “It would be pretty useful if I could grab that wider indicator and smoothly drag it up or down to the exact volume I want.” And as you can probably imagine, that’s exactly what you can do:

You never know what other hidden gems might lurk in the iOS (and iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS for that matter…) but I’m glad the folks at Apple took the time to think like a customer when designing their products.

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