Project Spotlight

Creating a Year-In-Review Video

Video Animation

Firm overviews and annual reports can take many formats. Why not make it fun by using animation and video? We thoroughly enjoyed partnering with Verrill to develop a branded firm year-in-review animation that provides a quick, engaging overview of the firm.

Verrill will share the video with clients, prospects, employees, and recruits to illustrate the exciting things happening at their growing firm.

Click to watch the video (make sure your sound is on):


Animation Process

Here are the steps involved in making a video animation like this one:

  1. By showing a few examples of modern, video annual reports and firm overviews, the Marketing Director at Verrill got buy-in to create a video annual rather than a conventional paper report.
  2. Verrill collected and provided Clockwork the important stats that they wanted to convey in the report.
  3. Clockwork developed a voiceover script based on the stats provided.
  4. Verrill recorded their Managing Partner reading the script using their podcasting equipment (props to Verrill for having a robust podcasting program!)
  5. Clockwork developed the “storyboard” for the animation. The storyboard is a multi-page document (reminiscent of a flipbook) that includes all of the final graphics for the animation in a “frame-by-frame” manner.
  6. Once the storyboard was approved, Clockwork programmed the animation, adding the voiceover, music, and sound effects.

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