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Hermes Netburn Launches a New Website

Hermes Netburn On All Devices

What is our favorite thing to check off our to-do list? Launching a new website! Congratulations to our long-time client, Hermes Netburn, on their new, engaging, modern, and impactful website.

Hermes Netburn is committed to providing creative and practical legal solutions to national and international businesses, insurance companies, and individuals in a wide range of matters throughout New England and beyond.

Notable Site Features:

  • Modern Homepage: The homepage video helps emphasize the firm’s new brand messaging we crafted to speak to clients in their moment of need. The latest news, practice spotlight, and attorney spotlight are all programmatically pulled into the homepage for ease of management.
  • Sticky Main Nav: The main navigation band sticks across the top of the page as you scroll for ease of exploring the site.
  • Robust, Modular Bios & Services: The bio and service pages are designed as long scrolling pages broken into sections. These sections are modular and only appear on specific bio and service pages that have applicable content uploaded into the website’s CMS. News crosslinks appear at the bottom of the page and are organized by category.
  • Sticky On-Page Nav: On the bio and service pages, the orange on-page navigation band sticks to the top of the page as you scroll to allow users to jump to the main sections of the page.
  • Sticky Customizable Calls-to-Action: Each about and service page has a customizable call-to-action to help drive traffic to the most relevant page. This call-to-action appears in the right sidebar and sticks as you scroll.
  • Print-to-PDF: Bios, services, and blog posts all include print-to-PDF functionality to programmatically create simple, attractive PDFs of these web pages.
  • Integrated Blog: The What’s New section is an integrated blog that consolidates the firm’s news, case studies, publications, and reported decisions for easy searching. The “Subscribe” call-to-action sticks in the right sidebar to encourage email newsletter sign-ups.
  • ADA Compliance: The site was designed and programmed for web accessibility (WCAG 2.1 AA), including optimization for visitors using screen readers. To follow visual guidelines, we also made minor modifications to existing brand colors for sufficient contrast while still staying “on-brand.”
  • Privacy Controls: The site allows visitors to opt-in or out of cookies (by category), per data privacy regulations.

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