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New Century, New Website for Hawai‘i’s Largest Law Firm

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Congratulations to Cades Schutte on its centennial milestone and new website! For 100 years, Cades Schutte has helped businesses and families find prosperity in Hawai‘i as the islands’ largest full-service law firm. Clockwork launched the new website as part of the firm’s centennial celebration to position the firm for the next century.

We worked closely with the firm’s Marketing & BD Manager, marketing committee, and centennial committee, throughout the process. To begin, we conducted brand research including interviews, surveys, and competitive research, to hone in on the firm’s core strengths and differentiators.


The homepage pairs a gorgeous Hawai‘i photo with messaging that emphasizes the firm’s reputation and market position on the islands. Subtle background graphics of ocean waves and the native fern plant are incorporated throughout the website design. The site is designed in “dark mode,” meaning the background colors are dark colors like charcoal, navy, and gray. Dark mode is a modern trend in design and helps differentiate the firm from competitor sites with bright white backgrounds.


The modern, user-friendly website is built with prominent search features, parallax scrolling, web accessibility, and cookie control. To highlight the breadth of the firm’s services, we consolidated the firm’s extensive list of practices and industries into one landing page. Services and bio pages include optional tabbed content and robust crosslinking. The About and Careers sections feature content-rich pages with flexible content blocks. The Centennial page celebrates the firm’s history with an interactive timeline. Visit the site at

“Thank you so much to the creative genius of Clockwork Design Group, Inc., for making our vision a reality. There were so many times that the Clockwork team kept me on schedule or accommodated my requests for an urgent update, even with the crazy time difference between Boston to Hawai‘i they always made it work!”

– Erika Galarneau, Marketing and Business Development Manager

We were honored to work with Cades Schutte on this initiative, and congratulate them on a successful launch in tandem with the centennial celebration.

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