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Listing Pronouns for Inclusivity & Clarity

Pronoun Blocks

Giving employees the option to add pronouns to their website bio pages and email signature is an easy way to show your firm’s support for people of all gender identities. Using the correct pronouns is not only respectful but also creates a more welcoming environment for employees, clients, and partners.

Gender pronouns can provide clarity for everyone at a firm, for many reasons. For example, some names are unisex or gender-neutral, meaning people of any gender can use them. Examples of these names include Alex, Casey, Chris, Drew, Elliot, Jamie, Jordan, Morgan, Pat, Taylor, etc. Additionally, if someone has a name from a different language and culture than your own, you might not know the typical gender connotation.

Pronouns in Email Signatures

It is most prevalent to add pronouns to email signatures since emails are written in the first person and gender pronouns are less obvious. If diversity and inclusion are important for your firm, giving people the option to add pronouns to their email signatures is recommended.

Pronouns on Website Bio Pages

Listing pronouns on bio pages is less common since pronouns are typically used within the bio narrative. But over the past few years, an increasing number of firms have given employees the option to include them. Below are a couple of examples:

The placement of pronouns on bio pages ranges quite a bit, and some placements are more prominent than others. See a few law firm examples, below, with a variety of placements:

Allowing employees to include their pronouns in email signatures and on their bios is a small but impactful way to show support for your firm’s DEI efforts.


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