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Mike’s Technical Tip: Using InDesign’s New Text-to-Image

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By now, it seems as though just about everybody is incorporating AI in their software products, and as of the latest version of Adobe’s InDesign, you can add that to the list, too. It’s a really powerful and easy-to-use tool that makes it a snap to create just the right image out of thin air.

Let’s get started. Just go to the File menu and choose “Text to Image (Beta)”:

Indesign Generative 01

The Text to Image (Beta) panel will appear and display a handful of samples:

Indesign Generative 02

There are two drop-down menus you can use to either switch between Photo or Art type:

Indesign Generative 03

Or choose an Aspect Ratio:

Indesign Generative 04

I’ll leave the defaults of “Photo” and “Square” for this example. Next, draw the picture box you want the image to appear in:

Indesign Generative 05

And now, describe the image you’d like InDesign to create in the Prompt text field and click the Generate button:

Indesign Generative 06

InDesign will churn for a short while…

Indesign Generative 07

…and then display three Variations, placing the first one in the picture box you created:

Indesign Generative 08

You can simply click the other two Variations and they’ll be swapped into the picture box instead:

Indesign Generative 09
Indesign Generative 10

If you change your mind and decide the other Content Type (in this case, “Art”) might work better, just pick it in the drop-down menu and click Generate again:

Indesign Generative 11

As before, the first will appear in the selected picture box and offer two more Variations:

Indesign Generative 12
Indesign Generative 13
Indesign Generative 14

As you can see from this experiment – and the samples originally displayed in the Text to Image panel – the possibilities of this tool are virtually endless!

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