Hassett | Donnelly

Hassett | Donnelly is an AV-rated litigation firm with offices throughout New England and New York. Their highly experienced trial lawyers specialize in handling complex litigation and have a proven track record of success. The new website showcases the firm’s attorneys, expanded geographic footprint, and case stories. Clockwork coordinated and art directed new portraits of the attorneys, refreshed the firm’s logo, and created a site announcement graphic to launch the new website.

Hassett Donnelly Website

Advanced Features

Attorney & Service Microsites

The robust attorney bios and service pages are built as “microsites” with tabs to organize the content into scannable sections. On the News & Press tab, the latest related news posts appear with images to help boost click-through rates.

Hassett Donnelly Bio

Integrated Blog

The unique layout and robust blog search functionality perfectly pairs visual appeal with ease of usability.

Hassett Donnelly News