Sherin and Lodgen

Clients throughout New England and beyond rely on Sherin and Lodgen’s experience in real estate, litigation, and business law. Some of the many components we have worked on include a new brand identity, a website that reflects the firm’s modern style and highlights their clients’ industries, a printed and electronic website announcement, trade ads, pocket folder, and more.

Sherin All Devices

Advanced Features

Practice & Industry Microsites

The practice and industry pages employ microsite-style tabs to streamline the page into easy to find and digest content blocks. The key contact(s) appear near the top of the page and the full team appears further down the page.

Sherin Practice

Multisite Blogs

The main site and three blogs are built on WordPress multisite enabling robust integration. The blogs also include advanced features such as "About the Author" blocks and dynamically-generated related posts by tag.

Sherin Blog