How to Conduct a Brand Analysis

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How to Conduct a Brand Analysis

Updating or rebranding a professional service firm can be tricky. Often, it’s hard to differentiate your firm, as the services you provide are similar, if not identical, to your competitors’. A strong brand can help you stand out among your peers in a way that is authentic, engaging and memorable. A brand analysis can help you clarify differentiators so that the messages and images you convey are targeted and on point, resonate with your clients and prospects, and have a better likelihood of success. Read on to learn the basics of conducting a brand analysis for your firm.

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Did You Miss Any? Our Most-Read Articles of 2017


It’s that time of year, a time for looking back at 2017 and looking forward to a fresh start in 2018. Our most popular posts covered a variety of topics; everything from proposal design to pairing fonts. Did you miss any? In case you did here are our top 5 most popular articles from 2017.


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Clockwork 2017 Holiday Card Highlights

If you are still happily humming holiday music (like me) or are already thinking about your firm’s next holiday greeting, check out some of our favorite branded holiday animated and printed cards that we created in 2017:

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Mike’s Technical Tip: Using the “Summarize” Service on a Mac

On a Mac, there’s a vast collection of tools and settings available called “Services” that most people either don’t use or aren’t even aware of. The majority of these Services are turned off by default, and people can use a Mac for years and years and not even know they’ve got a powerhouse of utilities at their fingertips, if they only knew to activate them. The one I’m going to discuss today is called “Summarize,” and like the name implies, it summarizes text for you if you don’t have a lot of time – or interest – in something very lengthy.

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