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How To Make Holiday eCards that People Actually Watch

Film Strip With Play Button

This time of year, the elves here at Clockwork are busy working away on many animated holiday cards for our clients. But how do we make a card that recipients actually want to watch? That’s tricky.

Similar to TV commercials, capturing viewers’ attention in a short, animated holiday card usually requires one (or more) of the following three things:

1) It makes people laugh

2) It makes people cry

3) It is shocking or surprising in some way

I recently came across a brilliant video that Delta Airlines produced. I fly fairly regularly, and quite honestly have not watched a flight attendant go through the entire safety spiel since, well, never. Yet, I watched this entire video. It’s funny AND surprising. I kept watching because even though I know how to buckle my seat belt and put on a life vest, I didn’t want to miss a gag. I love how they adapted an older, similar video for the holiday theme. I especially admire that a major corporation like Delta was not afraid to take a serious subject like safety and make it funny. They understand that sending out a funny message does not mean they are a silly company or take safety lightly.

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