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2014 marks an important milestone for Clockwork Design Group: our 20th year in business! So, during the next months, we’ll share some interesting (hopefully), random, silly, but all-true trivia facts about Clockwork that we hope you will enjoy. Don’t worry, there will not be a test. However, there may be prizes and a party later in the year, so please do pay attention.

Clockwork Trivia, Part One (numbers 1-6)

  1. Vanessa and Mike incorporated the firm as of July 25th, 1994. Some very important paperwork relating to the incorporation was witnessed by our favorite waitress at the Friendly’s Restaurant that used to be on Montvale Ave in Woburn (now it’s a Wendy’s).
  2. We named the company “Clockwork Design Group, Inc” after brainstorming many ideas including Mars Black, Little Fish, and AtomicDesign. Our tagline was “Timely Design, Timeless Results” (thank goodness we’ve met some really good copywriters since then). Check out our original logo:
  3. Our very first client was Quest Dry Cleaning. We designed the logo to emphasize their high-end customer service and tailoring capabilities. The logo lives on today, and can still be seen on their vans in Waltham and surrounding
  4. We had planned to rent office space in Waltham (aka “Watch City” – which influenced our name choice), but were unable to find space that we liked. So, we ended up renting office space in downtown Woburn MA, in a Colonial building next to the courthouse, upstairs from a law firm, in what had been a dentist’s office. It was about 600 square feet and we paid $600/month. What a bargain!
  5. In February of 1996, Zora Schaefer joined Clockwork as our VP of Yapping.zora
  6. Carrie joined Clockwork in the Spring of 1996 as Account Executive, our very first employee.

We thank all our clients and friends for the first couple great decades of Clockwork.

Stay tuned for more trivia fun to come!

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