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Farley White Case Study

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Farley White Interests is a Boston-based owner of commercial real estate. They own and operate over 2.5 million square feet of commercial buildings which serve over 200 tenants. When Farley White added several commercial properties to their existing portfolio in Lowell, Massachusetts, the company became the largest commercial property owner in the city of Lowell and, as a result, had a significant amount of space to rent. Clockwork was tasked to help Farley White:

  • Market the three office properties to brokers and excite them to show the space to prospective tenants.
  • Position Lowell as a smart destination and desirable location for office space.
  • Raise awareness of the self-storage facility located in the heart of downtown Lowell.


After considering the project goals and objectives, we determined that several marketing initiatives needed to be undertaken simultaneously. Clockwork:

  • Researched, developed and finalized property names and URLs for each of the four properties.
  • Created a color palette and a cohesive set of distinctive logos for each property.
  • Custom-designed and built a fully responsive WordPress website for the largest property, now named Cross River Center, and then…
  • Applied that website design to the other three properties, making modifications for color palettes and content needs.
  • Designed attractive and informative brochures for each office property to coordinate with the new websites.
  • Created floor plan inserts for the office property brochures, and downloadable versions for the websites.
  • Established a flexible email marketing template to serve two goals: 1) Target brokers to remind them of incentives and stay top-of-mind throughout the year, and 2) Communicate with tenants to keep them apprised of events in their buildings.

Before & After

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Farley White BeforeFarley White After


  • The rebranding has been effective in many ways: Farley White now has a cohesively branded portfolio of marketing pieces to promote their Lowell investments, including attractive brochures and modern, responsive websites. We have already seen increased traffic to the new sites, 20% of which is coming from mobile devices (proving the importance of responsive design), and available office space is filling with new tenants.


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