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Danielle’s Twitter Highlights from the SMPS ÜBER Conference Keynote

Keynote Speaker

Why do I love Twitter? It serves as my notes from conferences and allows me to distill the information I learn into key takeaways. It also enables me to find out about sessions and topics I may have missed.

In David Meerman Scott’s lively keynote presentation, he explained how people’s buying patterns have changed and, therefore, how we market also needs to change. Now, we need to focus on the buyers by creating relevant, real-time content that will generate attention for your products and services in minutes rather than months.

Why is real-time marketing important?

Advice for implementing real-time B2B marketing

Real-time conference fun

To read more about what happened at the SMPS ÜBER Conference, see my Twitter feed at @ddiforio, the official conference account at @smpsNERC, or search for #smpsNERC.

Also, thank you to everyone who stopped by our Clockwork booth and picked up our Tips, Tricks & Tidbits book, mini-brochure, and magic wands!

We know that at least one wand is going to good use! 🙂

Thanks to Jo Oltman, Marketing Manager Cambridge Seven Associates for a great photo!

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