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Winter is Coming: ’Tis the Start of Holiday Card Season!

Snowflakes Cards

Game of Thrones references aside, the summer is the perfect time to start your firm’s animated and/or printed holiday card project.

Six reasons to start your firm’s holiday card now:

  1. Keep calm:
    Give the project a longer timeline. Nothing spoils the fun of creating a custom holiday card more than stress-inducing tight deadlines.
  1. Make it personal:
    Finish printed cards extra-early, allowing ample time for attorneys to sign them.
  1. Stand out from the crowd:
    Send a Thanksgiving card before the influx of traditional holiday cards.
  1. Stay cool in the summer:
    Work on your holiday card, think of snow, and we guarantee you’ll cool off before you know it!
  1. Get the firm involved:
    Collect photos, stories, quotes and recipes now for a unique card that’s personal to your firm.
  1. Beat the rush and save:
    Benefit from our early-bird discount! Please contact me at or call 781-938-0006 to learn more.

See some of our animated and coordinating print holiday cards in our portfolio.

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