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Bernkopf Goodman Case Study

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Although over one hundred years old, the law firm Bernkopf Goodman held a tiny market share and had extremely limited name recognition.

  • Raise brand awareness and help the attorneys and firm be more visible in the local region.
  • Reach target markets of individuals in the real estate and banking industry, and high net worth individuals and business owners.
  • Capture attention, broaden exposure, increase new business development.


  • After initial brand investigation, we established that a core benefit clients valued was the firm’s ability to provide clear, concise direction.
  • Focused our brand positioning around the tagline “Straight Talk”.
  • Created a series of print advertisements that leveraged the theme. Chose placements in publications most heavily read by the target market.
  • Expanded the advertising campaign to include online banner placements.
  • Redesigned the website for consistent branding.
  • Integrated brand promise into all facets of firm’s messaging, marrying the firm’s longevity with its modern approach to legal service delivery.

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The existing marketing materials were inconsistently branded and haphazard. The website was generic and lacked any of the firm’s unique personality.

The new website messaging and visual animation strengthens the firm’s “Straight Talk” theme and reinforces the ad campaign for consistent branding.


  • Within a year of the campaign launch, the firm saw a 10% increase in new business development, a 30% increase in request for proposals, and a 45% increase in request for information or meetings.


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