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Ligris Website Wins National Award

Trophy Winner

We are thrilled to be recognized by the Legal Marketing Association’s 2017 Your Honor Awards for the website we created for our client Ligris! We received second place for the competitive, national website award category.

Ligris + Associates PC is a young, innovative law firm that’s very progressive when it comes to marketing their firm. The result is a website that reflects the firm’s innovative attitude. The design is modern, hip without being trendy, and truly on-brand. Though the firm is a boutique, the site looks big, bold and forward-thinking. The new site has helped build brand awareness, grow the firm’s headcount and bring in new business.

The main goals of the new website were to:

  • Establish a visual brand that does not look like a “typical” law firm website, differentiate the firm and immediately present a modern, energetic, vibrant and fun style.
  • Engage visitors with messaging that is reflective of the firm’s style: quick, to the point, clever and witty.
  • Build a technologically innovative site, responsive for easy mobile viewing, with a contact form as well as client intake forms to leverage the website for paperless communications.
  • Encourage exploration throughout the site with obvious cross-links and related content on every page.
  • Personalize the attorney bio pages by including personal photos and fun facts.
  • Leverage the new design standards across all marketing collateral to create a unified brand to build awareness of the firm.

Since launch, the Ligris website has shown impressive results:

  • Page views to the Attorney listing page increased over 200 percent; from approximately 350 views in the month before the new site launch to over 1,000 views in one month a year after launch.
  • Important for their business, Ligris needed to target visitors to a contact form with prominent calls-to-action throughout the site. The old website had no contact form of any kind. Now, page views of the contact form are typically 100-200 views per month.
  • The firm’s Facebook page now has over 700 likes (impressive for a firm of only 26 attorneys) and social referrals have increased by over 57 percent across the firm’s Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages. Along with the social referrals, direct search sessions increased over 19 percent, organic search increased over 10 percent and the total referral sessions increased over 8.5 percent.
  • The website has helped with recruiting objectives. The firm has grown by over 8 percent since the site launch in mid-May.

Visit the site at!

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