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Questions to Ask Before Designing an Anniversary Logo

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It is always exciting when your firm reaches an important anniversary, and celebrating the firm anniversary is a great internal morale booster. An anniversary logo is one of the easiest ways to recognize the milestone. It can be printed on gifts for employees and clients, such as mugs, pens, shirts and so on. It can also be added to the firm’s website, email signatures, stationery, ads, and other marketing materials to raise awareness outside the office.

Before designing an anniversary logo, there are a few questions that your firm should consider:

What is the exact verbiage you want included?

Defining the logo’s verbiage is always more complex than you might first imagine. But it’s important to decide on the exact verbiage before starting the logo design process.

The text can be as simple as:

  • 25 Years
  • 25th Anniversary

It is also common to add “celebrating” before the period of time:

  • Celebrating 25 Years
  • Celebrating Our 25th Anniversary
  • Celebrating a Quarter Century

You may want to include the year the firm was founded:

  • Celebrating 25 Years: 1993-2018
  • 25 Years. Est. 1993

The text can highlight something your firm prides itself on:

  • 25 Years of Legal Leadership
  • Delivering excellence in Accounting for 25 years.

If you want to use the anniversary logo for a few years, you will want the date to be more open-ended:

  • Celebrating 20+ Years
  • Celebrating Over 20 Years of ______

Modified anniversary logo, or separate anniversary “icon”?

Think about how you will use the anniversary logo to help determine which of these two options will be the best fit for your firm.

Anniversary “Lock-Up” Logo

A lock-up logo adds the anniversary message to your existing firm logo. This anniversary logo replaces the firm logo on all materials for the duration of the anniversary year. In some cases, the existing logo is modified slightly to accommodate the anniversary messaging and design.




Lpaa Anniversary Logo


Dra 100th Anniversary

Self-Standing Logo

A separate, self-standing logo tends to be more flexible for marketing purposes. You can include it when appropriate on specific marketing materials, rather than universally changing your logo. A self-standing logo is nice since it does not alter your established logo and gives you flexibility in placement on various components.


This icon was designed to coordinate with the Edelstein logo:


This icon was designed to coordinate with the Martin logo:



Clar + Elbing Anniversary Logo

This icon was designed to coordinate with the Clark+Elbing logo:

Clarkelbing Logo

See the Clark+Elbing anniversary logo in use on their website

An anniversary logo is can be the starting point for employee celebrations, client-focused marketing and giving back to the community. Start designing your logo well in advance of your anniversary, to help energize your firm and kick-off other important event marketing planning.


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