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How to Design Your Website to Reach Your Marketing Goals

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One of the first questions we ask when we start a new website project is, “What are your marketing goals for the new site?” Just as an architect must know up front the purpose each building will fulfill, having a clear goal in mind for a website influences how the site is designed. This article outlines a few techniques we employ to customize websites to achieve different marketing objectives. Some overlap of goals is fine, but we encourage you to choose a primary goal and have secondary goals, as necessary.

If you want to be seen as a thought leader:

  • Use typography, well-chosen photos, and well-crafted headlines to guide visitors to your blog.
  • Prominently feature thought leadership pieces throughout the website to increase visibility.
  • Encourage sharing your content on social media with prominent social sharing buttons.
  • Organize your posts with clear headings and on-brand photography.
  • Use social media share links on the post page to encourage people to share your content across their social channels.
  • Make it easy for people to sign up for updates through an email newsletter or blog subscription.

If you want to showcase your skills:

  • Use clever headlines and marketing messaging to explain in three seconds or less what you brought to the table.
  • Use concrete examples of work you’ve done.
  • If you’re an architect, showcase compelling projects with professional high-quality photography.
  • If you’re an attorney, use case stories to illustrate important matters and successes, focusing on the value you added for your clients. A word of caution, avoid “legalize” and jargon, write as people speak so that your potential clients can quickly understand what you can do for them.
  • If you’re a financial planner, use imagery that feels authentic to your target audience. Build trust in your skills by writing guidance pieces that help teach your clients.

If you want to attract new talent:

  • Showcase your company culture by featuring folks at your firm giving back to the community.
  • If you have perks like profit-sharing, flexible schedules, or continuing education programs, highlight these with bold typography and eye-catching icons on your website.
  • If you have a warm work environment or a dog-friendly office, show that with images.
  • Send out a questionnaire to your staff asking simple questions like “What do you like most about working here?” or “What gets you excited to come to work?” Featuring employees’ responses on your site is a more credible way to describe why your firm is a great place to work.

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