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How to Ask Clients for Testimonials


Similar to product reviews, client testimonials for professional services can be a powerful way of promoting the firm. But obtaining testimonials from clients, as well as permission to use them, can often be tricky and time-consuming. Below are some helpful hints on how to begin the testimonial-gathering process.

First, check if any practice or service groups at your firm already have client testimonials they can share. This is may be wishful thinking, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. If you have a client feedback process in place, you may be able to pull testimonials from there.

Consider if there are specific practices or services you are hoping to target via client testimonials. Then, ask members from those practice/service groups within your firm to help make a list of clients that had a GREAT experience with the firm. “Great” is in all caps for a reason. Ideally, testimonials should tell an interesting story that captures readers’ attention and evokes an emotional response.

Next, have the relationship partner at your firm invite the client to provide a testimonial for marketing purposes. If the client is not allowed to use his/her name or the company name, offer to keep it the quote anonymous (i.e. “COO, Healthcare Company, Massachusetts”).

To tease out a good testimonial, you need to ask the right questions. Help your clients by asking them guiding questions along these lines:

  • What was your situation before working with us?
  • How has our firm helped you to [insert client challenge]?
  • What tangible results/improvements have you experienced as a result?
  • What’s your situation like now?
  • What was your favorite part of the experience working with us?
  • Would you recommend us and, if so, why?

Going forward, encourage members of your firm to ask clients for their feedback on a regular basis. Have a process in place to collect testimonials right after concluding projects. Or, consider using a third party to conduct regular, candid client-feedback interviews, where testimonials can also be gathered. This way, you can update testimonials in your marketing materials to keep them fresh.

Websites Utilizing Client Testimonials

Law Firm Example: Obermayer

Client testimonials appear on the bottom of the homepage and change on refresh.

Construction Example: G Greene

Quotes appear at the bottom of interior pages throughout the site.

Architecture Example: LPA|A

Client testimonials are sprinkled throughout the site, particularly on case story and project pages.

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